Wishes In Time: The Story of Make-A-Wish
Interviews with founders of this international success, which began in the Valley, are mixed with stories from volunteers, former Wish Kids, and people whose contributions surprised them as much as anyone.

Arcadia Press “Images of America” series gives anyone a broad overview; in this case, of God’s Country in the red rocks.  Multiple images from the Sedona Historical Museum

Calling Arizona Home
(With Fred DuVal) A sweeping look at who chooses to live in Arizona, and how residents of vastly different places are shaped by – and shape – their surroundings.  Includes her favorite quote about a couple returning from Hawaii and calling Holbrook paradise.

Before I Forget: Carolyn Warner
This biography delves into one of Arizona’s grand dames of civic life and leadership.  Carolyn Warner was school superintendent for a dozen successful years; fewer people know she picked cotton during the Dust Bowl, made stump speeches in her teens, and was the first woman to work in television in her market.  

Arizona: 100 Years Grand
Official state centennial book, this  visually stunning volume packs more history and culture per page than almost any book available.  Packed with timelines, trivia and tales, this is a masters-level course in Arizona.

Chief Yellowhorse Lives On!
Collection of 52 essays highlighting well known and obscure Arizona treasures, from Easter at the Grand Canyon to quirky cafes.  By turns descriptive, reflective, thoughtful and wry, this is her most personal collection.

Books are like children: each one is our favorite for different reasons.  All available on amazon.com and alibis.com

Only At NAU
Another meticulous – and vastly entertaining – history, of the small college in the pines that grew to earn and enjoy its international reputation.  Breathtaking photos,  inspiring stories, and profiles of compelling individuals who love NAU.

The Journal of Sedona Schnebly
When T.C. Schnebly named a post office after his wife in 1901, he put a very reserved woman in a very public arena.  After decades of interviews and research, the result is this journal, which brings history to life through colorful characters, with 30 family photographs. Available in trade paperback, eBook and audiobook at Amazon.com Sept. 18, 2017.

​"The Journal of Sedona Schnebly"

​                                                                               Lisa Schnebly Heidinger @ arizonawriter.com

Tucson: the Old Pueblo
Describing the city of her birth included charging the bull on the Farmer John’s fence, iconic restaurants, the scent of orange blossoms in the spring and native traditions.

The Three Sedonas
A children’s book explaining how the town of Sedona got its name, featuring 18 original oil paintings by acclaimed wildlife artist Trevor Swanson.