"It's "Little House on the Prairie" for grownups, only better. --Phoenix reader

"I have lived in Sedona for the past 20 years, and found myself tearing up numerous times.  I have been so amazed with the story from the emotional draw your book provides."     --Rod Goebel, Sedona resident

"If there were a Pulitzer Prize for journals, this would have to win."          --Rosemary

"This is a book that reminds us both of the tremendous sacrifices that pioneering families had to endure, not to mention the very hard work that accompanied frontier life. But it also tells of us of the passing to modernity, of roads being built, of the thrill of having a radio for the first time (and having immediate contact with the outside world), and of America’s march to its industrial greatness."      --James Hill, reviwer 

"This is a book that shows how important the family is as an ideal and a way to reach back into the past while casting a hopeful eye to the future. It is both timeless and timely. For those who believe in these values, and believe in the legacy and promise of Arizona, this is a must read." -- Mark Webb, CA

​"The Journal of Sedona Schnebly"

​                                                                               Lisa Schnebly Heidinger @ arizonawriter.com

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(photo by Colleen Greer, Arizona Public Media)




Archive Images

The book contains thirty images from Schnebly family private collections.  Click "photographs" above to see each of them, with accompanying text from the manuscript.  Here, the Schnebly family sits for a portrait in 1905 upon returning to their home town of Gorin, MO after the death of their daughter Pearl. Left to right: T.C. (Carl) Schnebly, daughter Genevieve, son Ellsworth (Tad) and Sedona.

Listen to a podcast interview about Sedona and T.C. Schnebly: https://anchor.fm/names/episodes/S1-E2-Sedona-e2bbca

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